Dear Park Shore Association Members:

Although it is summertime, your Park Shore Association Board is already planning for 2025 and the introduction of a new on-line system for renewing your membership and paying by credit card in place of personal checks.  We anticipate that this innovation will greatly simplify and expedite both new member applications and membership renewals.  

Although you as a current member will not be able to renew for 2025 until October 1, 2024, we are already using this credit card system to enroll new members and also for late members who are still renewing for 2024.   Thus far, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback for this new system which greatly expedites the distribution of beach passes!

There is nothing that you need to do at this time except to practice logging into the new website: with the email that was used to send you this email.

If you have forgotten your password or have never logged into the website before, there is a simple process for securing a password as explained on the website.

Also, once on the website, you will be pleased to discover that our new website provides you and all members with exclusive access to the Park Shore Association membership directory where you can find the phone number and addresses of any member of the Park Shore Association.   

This new credit card system has been in use by the Moorings Property Owners Association (an association very similar in size and age to the Park Shore Association) for two years and 99% of its membership is successful in using it.  We do recognize that a very small percentage of Park Shore Association members do not have computers and we will make special arrangements for them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ellen Seigel, Park Shore Association Membership Director at: or 239-207-0806